Migrating Proverbs, Works in Progress Exhibition and talk as part of who we are? Art, Migration and the production of democracy. At Tate Exchange, counterpoint Arts, Loughborough University and The Open University. April, 2018

‘What does it mean to have a rights-focused approach to arts participation?’, Seminar as a part of the Canvas project by Autograph ABP and the National Gallery, July 2017.

The Social Playground: Spaces of Protest, Lecture and Exhibition, Lebanese American University, Beirut, 2-9 March 2017

Growing with Design, Conference, The school of Design and Craft at the University of Cothenburg, Sweden, 14-16 October 2015

Critical pedagogy in Contested spaces, guest lecture, Tate Art Gallery in collaboration with the Centre for Arts and Learning at Goldsmith University, February 2013, 2014, 2015.

Negotiating Public Space at Different Levels of Conflict, Saturday Talk series, Serpentine Gallery, London, February 2015

Creative Refuge book launch, launch and talk, Mosaic Room, London, September 2015 Creative Refuge book launch, launch and talk, Beirut, October 2014

A Watchtower of Happiness and Other Landscapes of Occupation, Exhibition, Mosaic Room, London, Nov-December 2012

A Watchtower of Happiness and Other Landscapes of Occupation, Exhibition, V&A Friday Late,  London, 30th November 2012

The Shop of Possibilities revisited, Play Local Topics, South London Gallery, London, August 2014 Play, I Follow You, an exhibition at the South London Gallery, London, May-July 2012

What Design Can Do conference, Amsterdam, Holland, May 2012 South London Gallery, Mobile Conference 2, London, April 2011 

Negotiating the Politics of Public Space, INIVA, London, (with Samar Maakaron) , 2011 Febrik in Palestine, hosted Al-Ma’mal Foundation and the A.M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, June 2010 Play, Galleries and Family Learning, with Engage and INIVA, London, 15 April 2010 March Meetings, Sharjah Art Foundation, Dubai, UAE, March 2010 Open City:

Designing Coexistence, International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam, January 2010 Future Perfect: Art, Gallery Education and Regeneration, Engage International Conference, London, 2009 Training Local Artist workshop at START and the British Council, Beirut, Lebanon, November 2007

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