Shop of Possibilities 2, Sceaux Gardens, South London, UK

The Shop of Possibilities: The Dynamic Play Library  
Date: 2012
Location: Sceaux Gardens housing estate, Peckham, London
Collaborative team: Marwan Kaabour, Lauren Willis
Partners: South London Gallery

Project Context

In follow up to the 2010 Making Play residency at the South London gallery, which took place in a smaller shop unit on the Sceaux Gardens estate, Febrik were invited again to work with resident children to develop The Shop of Possibilities within a much larger neighbouring unit. It serves as a free art studio, archive and afterschool and weekend club for children from 5 local housing estates; the program works with a focus on bringing together children’s play and contemporary art practices.

Phase 2:

The Shop of Possibilities as The Dynamic Play Archive in a new double shop unit on the estate.

The first proto-type was adapted and developed so as to propose the Archive as one large space able to transform into smaller pockets for different activities and at different intervals. At its core, it sets out 2 main spaces that are different in speed and nature; one for production and invention (dynamic/loud/fluid) and the other for exhibiting and archiving the produced artwork (slow/conversational/viewing). The flexibility aims at making possible a variety of spaces and activities, in response to the daily programme of the shop and in expectation of new artists that will come with new ideas and spatial requirements.

Project Brief

Space 1: Invention Studio (Curious)
The corner of curiosity
The Making Studio
The Wish In Tree
Space 2: Archiving Studio (Familiar)
The Play Archive
The Till of everything
The wall of familiarity
The exhibition
The Den
Phase 3:

The shop was completed and launched as a part of the SLG Local and Febrik’s exhibition at SLG, Play I follow you on the 16th of May. It is now open to the children. See the live project here:
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